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First Five Things to Do with Microsoft Office 365

Your new Microsoft Office 365 account is set up. The users are created. The licensing is applied. Your business is "in the cloud". Congratulations. Now what?

The answer is - get productive! Office 365 and the power of the Microsoft Cloud can literally transform your business....but you have to use the tools. Based on our experiences helping advisors and other small businesses get up-and-running with Office 365, we've developed the First Five Things you should do to complete setting up the user experience with Office 365.

The biggest interaction that most people have with their IT infrastructure is email....and it is no different when you use Office 365. Email is what people work with most, and what they know the most intimately. Let's face it, Outlook has been a fairly consistent interface for many, many years. So your users will expect things to work pretty much the same as they always have. But first you have to set up your new Office 365 email account in Outlook (and on your mobile devices, too). The good news is that Office 365 email uses Microsoft Exchange Online - and Microsoft Exchange has long been the corporate standard for email. Outlook (of course) and mobile devices are all built to quickly configure email accounts based on Microsoft Exchange.

The next area of interest is usually 'the cloud' and OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business is a 1TB/Unlimited storage drive that each licensed Office 365 user gets with their subscription. Even though most people have been using cloud services of one sort or another for years, there is a mystique around a cloud storage drive that is assigned to them. Once they see how it works, and how it works similarly to what they are used to in Windows, the literal cloud (which is a piece of infrastructure) fades into the background as users begin to exploit the advantages of 'anywhere access' to their data and the ability to share.

Yes, this is exciting stuff, and we are going to cover the 'first five things' in a lot more detail on the webinar Friday, December 12th at 4:00 p.m. We'll have screen shots that will show you what you can expect to see in your Office 365 account - and - we'll have some pro tips that will allow you to complete the setup quickly and smoothly. There are some head-scratching obstacles you can run into - this is, after all, an enterprise-grade IT system that most folks have never had access to - and these tips will help you avoid trouble and quickly get productive!

See you on Friday!

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